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Bee® (Building energy efficiency) is a facility energy engineering firm.  We offer energy analyses and solutions based on the most rigorous applications of engineering science and art.  The technical depth and hands-on experience of our staff makes us unique in the marketplace.  We hope you have come to our beehive because you are looking for the best in facility energy engineering and want both persistent utility savings and sustainable comfort improvements.  You’re at the right place.  Our services include:

Asset Management

  • Enterprise platformed Life-Cycle Resource Efficiency Management (L-CREM™)

Building and Central Plant Cx

  • New Building/Construction Commissioning (NCx)

  • Existing Building/Infrastructure Retro-Commissioning (RCx)

  • Monitoring-Based On-Going Commissioning (MBCx & OCx)

  • Data-Driven Life-Cycle Building Commissioning Programs (LCBCx)

  • TAB (Testing, Adjusting & Balancing)

Energy and Engineering Consulting

  • Energy/Water Master Planning

  • Energy/Water Metering Planning

  • Feasibility Study, Survey, and Peer Review

  • ASHRAE Energy Audit and IGA (Investment Grade Audit)

  • Optimized Technical Design Review

  • Energy Modeling and Simulation

Smart Building/Campus/Asset/Infrastructure Intelligence

  • BAS/IT Integrated Solution

  • Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Visualization

  • Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD)

  • SOO and Optimization

3rd-Party Independent Performance M&V (Measurement and Verification)

  • Technical Review

  • Project Facilitation

  • Owner's Representative

  • Energy Performance and Savings M&V agent services for ESPC, UESC, and PACE, etc.


O&M Optimization

  • Reliability-Centered Asset Management and O&M for Sustainability, Resiliency, and Efficiency

  • Data-Driven Virtualization, Monitoring-Based Analytics, and Life-Cycle Predictive Maintenance


  • AEE CEM®, CEA™, CMVP®, CBCP® International Courses for Certification

  • "Hands-on" O&M and Building Automation Controls Best Practices 


Sustainability and "Green" Buildings/Campus

  • LEED® Consulting and Certification Assistance

  • LEED® Modeling and Optimization

We are a proud active member of AEE, IDEA, ASHRAE, USGBC, and BCA, and a Certified Building Commissioning Firm (CBCF) by AEE.  We are “Systems Integrators” and can provide you with the latest advances in the emerging field of remote monitoring and control of building energy and automation systems.   Facility energy engineering is all we do.  We are not a design firm that also offers energy engineering.  With in-house more-than-handful Engineering Ph.D.s, Doctor of Engineering, P.E.s, and practical certifications such as CEA™, CEM®, CMVP®, CWEP®, REP™, CBCP®, CxA, LEED AP, and GBE™, our “product” is our professional advice and service in optimizing buildings and campuses, and their MEP and energy systems, including HVAC, BAS/PAS, central utility plant, CHP, TES, PV, EV, district heating and cooling systems, micro-grid, etc., for conservation, operability, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and resiliency.  Our recommendations are independent and unbiased.  We don’t have design solutions or products in mind when we start a project.  Because we only sell our professional judgment, we have taken extreme care in assembling our professional staff.  When you click on “About Us”, we think you will agree Bee® is different and impressive.

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September 2023

See y’all at the “Building Cx & Optimization” session, or at the CBCP® workshop, at this year’s AEE World Conference, October 25-27, Orlando, FL, with other domestic and international, public and private, virtual or in-person CBCP® workshops to come in November, December and the first half of 2024.

January 2023

Bee® engineers will continue to present AEE's Building Commissioning Professional Training Program workshops for CBCP® certification domestically and internationally, and present and chair at various AEE national and international conferences & expos throughout the year.

July 2022

Bee® engineers continue to present AEE's Building Commissioning Professional Training Program workshops for CBCP® certification domestically and internationally, live in-person, on-line, or hybrid; we will continue to present and chair at this year’s AEE World Conference & Expo in Atlanta, GA, USA, in September, and at AEE Europe Energy Conference & Expo in Dublin, Ireland, in October.

October 2021

Bee® engineers are organizing and will chair and present the “Building Commissioning” session at AEE World Conference, New Orleans, LA, October 20-22, 2021. Our presentation's title is “Current State of Building Commissioning - a Practitioner's Version & Vision”. Will see you there in-person or on-line.

August 2020

Bee® engineers continue presenting AEE's Building Commissioning Professional Training Program course for CBCP® certification live on-line as a premier virtual event, with more in November and December both domestically and internationally.

July 2020

Through AEE, teamed up with local instructors, Bee® engineers will present training program course for CBCP® certification to energy professionals in Middle East (Lebanon, Jordan, UAE and Saudi Arabia), live on-line.

December 2019

Bee® engineers are heading back to Toronto, ON to present AEE's 5-day building commissioning professional training program course for CBCP® certification.

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