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Dr. W. Dan Turner

Dr. Turner advised and guided our company with his genuine and celebrated vision into the energy and building industries. He never stops enjoying performing field engineering, particularly in the more technically challenging assignments from our clients. He brings over 50 years of engineering, academic and practical experience to the task of optimizing complex energy consuming systems.

Dr. Turner was a Regents Fellow and Professor Emeritus from Texas A&M University. Over 30 years he rose to full professor in the Mechanical Engineering department. During that period he served as Dean of the College of Engineering. He was the author, or co-author, of more than 500 papers, book chapters, reports or proceedings papers. He was the Principal Investigator, or Co-Principal Investigator, on approximately 300 research projects from private, state and Federal entities. These research endeavors totaled well over $70 million.

Dr. Turner taught numerous energy fundamentals, advanced theories, efficiency and conservation-focused courses to undergraduate and graduate students at Texas A&M University, University of Arkansas, and Texas A&I University.  He served as the principal adviser or committee member to 120 masters and doctoral graduate students with most dedicated to energy management and efficiency.  He also developed and taught more than 50 Building Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning workshops in North America, Asia and Europe.  

In addition to many university and professional society awards, Dr. Turner perpetuated his service to the National Council of Engineering Examiners and Surveyors, Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Preparation Committee, including sub-chair of the Mechanical Engineering Module.

  • Regents Fellow and Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University

  • Dean Emeritus, Dwight Look College of Engineering, Texas A&M University

  • Founding Director Emeritus, Energy Systems Lab, Texas Engineering Experiment Station

  • 1989 Energy Professional of the Year, AEE

  • A pioneer in the field of new and existing building commissioning, 2007 Benner Award Recipient

  • ASME Fellow, ASEE Fellow

  • 2013 Hall of Fame Inductee, AEE  

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